Wednesday, July 30, 2008

status: verified

Please ignore my previous post! Coz i have an update to it. Yehey! My EON Unionbank debit card is now verified by Paypal! I don't know but i just tried my luck again this evening and then add my EON account again. Luckily, i did not get the same error i had yesterday! I was asked to get my paypal 4 digit code and then enter it. Then i got verified! Yehey!!!!!

But look at that, my money is still 0.00 :(

I hope i'll have tasks so i could start earning....

2 pink thoughts:

Joy0z said...

Ylan got you tag in my kikay kindly check. Its about shoe size. have a blessed Sunday

Ylan said...

Joy - thanks, ill check the tag :)