Friday, March 30, 2007

awesome thursday evening :)

Last night was really fun - I had a date with two gorgeous women. (maybe next time two gorgeous men napud LOL!) Madame Phoebe was here in Cebu and she met us, Glorie and me. It was our second time to meet her but this time was quite a blast. We dined out (of course her treat, thanks jud madame ug sa pasalubong) and spent the rest of the night just talking and chitchatting. Sure thing, all her words of wisdom and tips are kept in mind. Here are some pictures to share... :)

the ever sexy & bubbly, witty & pretty, one of my idols --> Phoebe :)

the bday girl Glorie, yup 'twas her bday last night too! double celebration ;)

thing in common - we like jap food

happy birthday! heheh!

promise, ma conscious ko tupad niya kay sexy kaau! :P

Madame Phoebz and Glorie, preha sexy! ;)

O diba, bongga mi! hehe! :P Seriously, thanks for the time Madame, it was really nice seeing you once again. I tell you, she's more than what meets the eye. Very classy & intelligent yet very down to earth. I'm not sugarcoating, it's just how i see her. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Saturday, March 17, the sun is beaming... summer is officially on! As for this year's summer getaways, let's start off by bonding with our fellow creatures nyeheheh! :D

welcome to Crocolandia! situated in Biasong Talisay Cebu

can you see that thing at our back? :P

i didn't thought an ostrich is really this big!

nice pose sam ;)

help! help!

my pet! LOL!

ang crocodile bow!

one of the many crocos, one croco for each pond

the oldest and the biggest i think, he's 47 years old =)

lips to lips! :P (pda kaau na birds!)

iguanas anyone?

crocolandia scandal! hahaha! they've got lots of turtles in the park

Aside from the (26?) crocodiles which obviously the park is named after, the place has a lot of different kinds of birds and reptiles and other animals and some fishes too. There were pythons that i don't feel like posting their pics because i cringe everytime i look at them ewwwww....creepy!!! but i love you all so here's one pic! :P


There's a mynah bird who will entertain you and he does it best when he says "pangit!" LOL!

Friday, March 16, 2007

despidida @ da vinci

Just a few hours ago, 8 of my colleagues left Cebu for a temporary assignment in Spain. So we had their despidida yesterday at Da Vinci pizza. Odd but only 2 of the travellers were present! hehe! Don't care as long as we continued with the eating! LOL! :D

d pizza lovers!

macelle and pai, enchanted by ramdas! lolz!

gicareer ang pamiktyur

teray, happy ka tupad mo ni ramdas? hahaha!

mga kuma sa right side

mga kuma sa left side

mga kuma sa right side take 2

vench & lilibeth, welcome to CE department! :)

si brian patalikod epek kunuhay! goodluck sa mga tsiks sa espanya bri :P

mga kuma sa left side take 2

pai, happy pud ka tupad ni ramdas? heheh! regards sa mga wafo sa espanya ha? :D

welcome to cebu ramdas! ken look alike lagi moh? hihihi!

teray, give chance to junor oi! ;)

d early birds

aisah and her lablayf ;)

mga totso! meloy and me! hehe! :D

N.B. It is with my deepest regret that --- wala ka labot sa kani nga mga pics splat! sorry! hehe :P

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the "saga" continues...

Haayyy i'm back to my usual life again. I'd have to commute everyday na naman! waahhhh! Lloyd, my officemate and driver (hehehe) left already. Seriously, Lenny and I had a carpool arrangement with Lloyd. He'd fetch/drop us in Eskina Banawa. Routine's changed since Lloyd has resigned and Lenny's husband is on assignment here on Cebu. Waahhh ako na lang usa! waahhhh!!!!! :( :( :(

us last march 2 - lloyd's despida

roger with the couple gabby-lenny & mark-lloyd hehehe (duklan gyud ko ron)

splat murag kamo ni cleng ang couple heheh :P

pakapin pic sa shower ni miga daryl =)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

no no i am not letting you go.... charrr

I think i have a major problem. I find it hard to let go of anything that i'm used to having. I really don't like it when one of my things is gone or lost. Just like now, my cutter is nowhere to be found and it freaks me! LOL! I cannot even throw away plastic bags from stuffs i bought in department stores. I normally end up collecting garbages. (one of my weird habits! :P) Let alone my old clothes? favorite old clothes? So at home, i usually look like a bum! I still wear my 15-20 year-old shorts and tshirts. The rugs (old clothes) at home are much decent looking over the ones i'm wearing. Either the garters are too loose already or simply worn out. I just can't throw them away! See example below.

my 15 year-old shirt sewn by my very own father :)

So, what's your take on that? Am i crazy? Or i just value my things too much? Nyahahah!