Wednesday, June 17, 2009

long weekend

Ylangurl is bored yet excited for the long weekend to come. It's a short working week for her since last Friday was a holiday - Independence Day. She's happy she didn't have to work that day. Another long weekend she's about to enjoy this coming Friday, Lapulapu Charter Day. Well, the original date of holiday is on Wednesday but the company she's working with decided to swap it on Friday! Hurray! She have no special plans though but just being not in the office is a relief. Don't get her wrong, not that she likes to be out of work but she just wants to be free. She is so lazy these days.

Friday, June 05, 2009

message recall

I have decided - i'm keeping this blog! So, i'd like to recall my previous entry, lol! Though, yes you can view that other blog of mine, this blog will still be active.

So, do come back and check me out some time. :)

I realized, i missed blogspot. :(