Tuesday, May 29, 2007

4 by 4

Gabuut-buut ra ko ug title ani na TAG from Genalyn. I sort of remembered having answered a Q&A like this before but i enjoy answering Q&A's so here, read on with my answers. :P

4 jobs i had

• computer lab assistant (USJR)
• quality assurance in-charge (IWC)
• software validation engineer (secret heheh)
• currently looking for the 4th one! :D

4 movies i watched over and over

• there are a lot of them, i collect my favorite movies - romantic comedies & koreanovelas ;)

4 places i’ved lived

• Guadalupe Cebu City (since birth)
• Camotes Cebu (during vacations when i was still a kid, my parents are from there)
• Michigan, USA (temporary work assignment sometime in 2004)
• i want my fourth place to be in (secret again! heheh)

4 stations i like to watch

• i'm a solid Kapamilya, but i do watch some shows of Kapuso
• studio 23
• channel 29 (na dili na makita sa amo tv after Christmas due to the incident maybe in Taiwan ba toh?)
• any other stations na makuha sa among tv) with nice selected shows

4 places i’ved on vacation

• California (thanks to my very good friend Maybelle)
• Bacolod Negros
• Bohol (Panglao Island)
• Camotes

4 Of my favorite food

• humbang baboy (preha ta genagurl)
• grilled pork/fish/chicken basta grilled
• unsa pa, lechon!
• mga pizzas/pasta/pastries ... ug eggs (scrambled, sunnysideup, boiled, whatever basta itlog! actually listing just 4 is hard.. :( :P

4 places i’d rather be right now

• California (to visit my friend again and disneyland and universal studios)
• Michigan (so i can meet the beautiful MI ladies i met in the blog world ;) & para maka-apply nako ug work didto! hahaha! and para i can see my crushes again! unsaon! :D)
• Singapore/Hongkong/Dubai (tour ug panginabuhi sab! LOL!)
• Paris/Australia - kani nahan jud ko mulaag diri! :)(again kulang ra sab ang 4)

4 people that im gonna tag

• sa kinsa lang tu dili busy, sige na answer pud mo :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

smiles, sun & tons of fun!

*** edited entry ***

Finally, i'm done uploading the photos from our Department Summer Outing last May 19, 2007 at Maribago Bluewaters Resort.

It was fun though i did not join in the games since i'm one of the program committee members. It was nice to interact with the newbies of the group and some oldies whom we haven't got the chance to talk to with during regular working days.

CLICK HERE! to see more of the photos...

Kodus Celex! 'Till our next outing... :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

hotel reservations

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

party needs?

Most of us like parties, don't we? May it be a personal party or a party for a friend or special someone. It is one way of reconnecting and having fun with our friends and relatives. However, in most parties, preparation is the most crucial stage. Selecting the party theme alone is already mind boggling.

In as much as the party itself is fun, preparation can be very overwhelming. One has to consider the food to be served, party favors or tokens to be given to the guests, program, list of guests to be invited among others.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day

o diba bagay? heheh! ;)

me and my cutty goddaughter baby Jenesse during her christening last april 22

I'm not yet a mother for real but allow me to greet all the mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day. Thank you for all the love and care in the world. :)

Happy Mothers Day dearest mommy bloggers. ;)

To my Mama, happy mother's day! Thank you for incessantly devoting your whole life to us your girls... we love you...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Last April 27-30 was a long weekend for me. No work on Friday because of the Kadaugan sa Mactan holiday & Monday being swapped to May 1 Labor Day. While everyone else was out of town, I cannot contain myself just staying at home. I should have been going to Camotes but plans changed. So Glorie and her cousin and I went off South of Cebu - Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu and Aqua Cainta in Talisay...

posing lang kay di man kamao mulangoy! :D

ang mga laagan

do not run, slippery floor when wet! (o sya di manglingkod2x mih!) :P

pangitngit aron dili maklaro ang bilbil lol! :P

Hmmpp my body still aches after all the walking and the long bus ride... argghh... ngano nilaag! :P