Friday, May 30, 2008

beauty quiz

I just received a text alert, just one of the many auto alerts from the service provider. It says "Are you an ultimate diva or a super goddess?" Hmmnn i paused for a moment and pondered. Then i realized i'm never a diva, let alone a super goddess? What am i then? Ngeks!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

white water rafting adventure

This post is for Carlota's contest... i've got no time already so ill just pass. But i'll udpate this later to post my supposedly photo entry.

--- updated entry ---

The instruction was to post a photo of any kind then describe or tell something about the photo.

Taken last April 7, 2008 in Cagayan de Oro during our white water rafting adventure. Why this photo amongst all the other photos i have? Solely because it features a woman (me in the center) and how she conquered her fears! Charr! Hehe! Hello! I can't swim but i dared to do the rafting! :P It was one scary ride but a memorable and enjoyable one.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

summer is over?

It's a gloomy and rainy weekend here in Cebu. Is summer here totally over? Tsk! Too bad! We still have pending outings but are cancelled because of the unpredictable weather! :( The rain just come off and on. You can't really plan ahead because of it. I'm still not over with outings! waahhh!

silver collection

Who would not know what a silver is? It is a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography. I am fan of collecting silver jewelries. They are fun to look at and not so intimidating in appearance. I'm sure, there are lots of other people out there who are into collecting silver also. This is a hobby that collectors find it worth investing. If you'd like to find and buy the rarest silver collection there is, check out the silver items from Monex. They have silver bullion and silver coins like the silver vienna philharmonics, silver american eagles, 90% silver U.S. coin bag, 40% silver U.S. coin bag and silver canadian maple leafs. A little trivia for you, a silver bullion is a durable, divisible, convenient, has a utility value and cannot be created by fiat metal. If you are not so sure about what to consider in buying silver. Call them now and a personal advisor will answer your queries.

Friday, May 23, 2008

what i least like in others' blogs

Alright! Alright! The design and content of each blog is according to the discretion of the owner. I know that and I respect that. However, me as a blog hoper and lurker have this thing on others' blog that i kind of don't like.

I really don't like it when the blog doesn't have a picture nor a written profile about the author. Especially if it's a personal blog which is always the case of the blogs i often visit or exchange links with. I mean you read their blogs because you want to connect to their views, experiences, thoughts and rants perhaps but i find it less interesting if i cannot relate who the blogger or owner is. For mysterious reasons, without profiles might be catchy. Others may opt that way for privacy. Either way, I really prefer to read and lurk blogs with profiles especially if i don't know the blogger personally or i just met him/her online for the first time. There are exceptions though - that is when the entries or post are really interesting that i wouldn't mind if i do not know who the author is.

Now you know why i never leave my layout (if i change layout) without my picture! LOL! :D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

arte y pico

Whooooaa! I got another award from Francine! Though at first i really don't understand what the award is all about, thanks for the thought girl! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

blog update!

Hmmnn i just revised my not so 'active' pinky blog... do visit it when you have the time!

Just click here!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Top 5 Things To Do

I have here another interesting tag from Francine. Thanks girl for this one. :) I am tasked to list down my top 5 things to do, so here it is.

My Top 5 Things To Do:

1. Wait for a specific date in the calendar.

2. From #1, I have to decide between option A or B.

3. If i'll choose option A, then save all my files, process all my papers.

4. If i'll choose option B, then still save all my files, concentrate on current tasks.

5. Top 1-4 are really crucial. Right now, the top thing i need to do is cut my nails, arrange my stuff so that if I choose option A, i'm ready! (not that there's a connection between my nails and option A, i just need to cut my long fingernails!)

Now, what the heck am i talking about? You will know soon enough.

Anyone interested on this tag, go ahead. :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

happy mothers day!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mother bloggers out there... :)

Trip to Mindanao: Day 2 in Camiguin

Read more about it here!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

eyeball with Chikai

This post is the continuation to my previous entry on meeting another Bisdakplanet member.

Glorie and I picked up Chikai and her husband at Pier 6 last April 29 at around 9:00pm. Since it was a bit late, we were left with few choices on where to eat. So we ate our dinner at NeoNeo Grill in Mabolo. We then just toured around the city (Waterfront, Paseo, IT Park, Mango Avenue) for an hour or so. Glorie and I thought that the couple must be tired from the entire boat trip from CDO.

The following night, I invited Chikai to watch the movie When Love Begins but of course she could not leave her husband alone. Well, men don't usually like drama-lovestory movie and Tagalog at that! So, i went ahead and watch the movie with my officemates (planned 2 weeks ahead). Glorie was out busy with her business. I watched the last full show by the way because we did not make it to the 7pm showing. It was too late for a night out for Glorie, Chikai and I. Sorry Chikai for that but we hope you enjoyed your short visit here in Cebu. It was really nice meeting her in person. She is pretty and warm as she is in her blog :)

Glorie, Chikai & husband James

obyus ba na wala mi gigutum? :D

wala mi lain maposingan! salamat sa tanom heheh!
Glorie, Chikai & Ylan

'Till the next EBs...

Monday, May 05, 2008

drag race

When i was still a kid, I used to watch motocross competitions in Reclamation Area. The excitement that i used to feel then ignited when I watched the motorcycle drag race last night. It's frightening looking at those riders almost delivering themselves to death but 'twas cool at the same time. Saturday night could have been cooler since cars were racing but we were not able to catch it. Better luck next time!

pink motorcycle! how about that? :P

I was at a baby shower before i watched the drag race. Details on a separate post.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

life insurance

In this modern times, life insurance is somewhat a necessity. There are lots of insurance companies out there and before you apply for any, make sure you know what you're applying for. One of the insurance firms you can count on is Life Insurance.

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eyeball with another Bisdakplanet member

Last Tuesday night, Glorie and I met another Bisdak member. She's from Davao City and came to Cebu with her husband. It was nice meeting her though we only spent a few hours together during dinner. Who she was? I'll let you know later... with pictures hehe....