Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things I Don't Like To Hear

Things I Don't Like To Hear

Hmnnn... sounds interesting. This is another tag from Francine. Let's see. I really can't think of things that I don't like to hear. Ok, let me jot down some things that i find rather "annoying" sometimes.

1. You're so fat already. (yes, i know that, you don't have to rub it in!)
2. You're always eating. (so? it's not your money i'm spending? this is much better than taking drugs u know? LOL!)
3. Why are you always writing in your blog? (ahh huh?!?? if you can't relate, don't ask us bloggers!)
4. You're so pink! (Pink kaau ka lan!) So what? I'm getting confused really. When i don't wear pink, all i hear would be "why are you not in pink?" If i wear pink, i hear from all the corners in the world "pink kaau ka!" Ano ba talaga kuya, ate?
5. Nilagum lagi ka? (Coz i travel a lot!? o bongga!) ahaha! Really, one afternoon, somebody looked at me with pure contempt and asked "hala, ngano man ka, ituma nimo oi!" ... i was like ahh ahmnn i went to the beach?...
6. And the very thing that i least like to hear are comments and unnecessary feedbacks from people who are just passive participants in any activity... kana gani daghan yawyaw unya dili raba mutabang? nindot na dapugun! heheh!

How about you? Do we share the same sentiments?

2 pink thoughts:

Francine said...

ylan, thanks kaayo for doing this tag.very interesting kaayo imo mga answers pero korek jud ka dai na uban taw libog ug utok especially kung moitom na di ba.suya goro kay mas gwapa ta kung itom hehehe.duna gani mo comment sunod nga bati, dapuga dayon aron motagam lolz

Ylan said...

francine - no problem, my pleasure doing this tag :) hahaha katawa lagi ko, one instance sa mall pa jud mi nakit-an sa akong 2 other friends, ingon sya, hala asa mo gikan, batia ninyo nawng oi itum kaau! LOL! i knew it wasnt intended na manaway, nalingaw lang ko sa iyang comment! Lol!