Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hoteles en barcelona

I think i already mentioned before that the company i work with has a facility in Spain. Sure, i am more than willing to be assigned in Spain one day. Why Spain in the first place? Because it is where we can find the two major cities with great attractions - Barcelona and Madrid.

Barcelona - a city in northeastern Spain on the Mediterranean; 2nd largest Spanish city and the largest port and commercial center; has been a center for radical political beliefs.

the entrance to Gaudi's "Park Güell"

Madrid - the capital and largest city situated centrally in Spain; home of an outstanding art museum.

view of the Puerta de Alcalá at night with El Retiro gardens in the background

If you're planning to go to Spain, worry not on where to stay. Hotels in Madrid and hotels in Barcelona are easy to find.

There are a lot of hoteles en Barcelona that offers the best accommodations at reasonable prices.