Thursday, September 20, 2007

i conquered Bohol! ;)

My first time to Bohol was last 2004. I went to Bohol again last weekend with coworkers and expats. It was a fun day for the sun wasn't that glazing. We toured around Bohol and it was a nice experience once again.

cute noh?! i couldn't be any cuttier with this pic! LOL!
o walang kokontra, ako ning blog! :P
i will share more pictures later... :)

6 pink thoughts:

haze said...

as in cute gyud kaau ka Ylan...maau pagka snap ani uy...believe ko kinsay kodaker ani???

Anonymous said...

D A R N A !

hehehe...unsa'y au daiLanz?

mermaidejen said...

lovely shot ylan, that's a good leap there!!, I wonder where you fall(smiles)

Ylan said...

Haze - hehe salamat haze! haha! akong officemate ang gatake ana sa photo, he's trying out his new SLR camera gud ;)

Anonymous - aside sa akong laag, mao ra gihapon, walay ayu! LOL!

Mermaidejen - thanks Madame Phoebz! should i miss a step, cliff akong tagakan! hehe! :P (scary baya pero i managed :))

babigurl said...

WOW! yOU sure looks cute on that picture.


Ylan said...

babigurl - thanks! :) thanks too for visiting my blog :)