Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

This tag's long been overdue from Irel. :P It says, i will have to write down the top 5 lady bloggers i know. This would be tough since i know a lot of cool bloggers out there. Hmnnn but then again, i have to do this tag, so here... :)

1. Carlota - she surely rocks! She has no problem dedicating her time making blogs for other people. Very helpful.

2. Ethel - she makes a lot of cute stuffs and has no problem sharing it to other bloggers.

3. Irel - despite how busy she is; attending to 3 kids and schooling at the same time, she can still share a gazillion of family photos in her blog.

4. Aneshka & Gwennrael - they're my friends in real life and are both now living in America. Hence, blogging is just another interesting way of keeping up with each other.

5. The rest of the bloggers in my list. LOL! (dah ngano bitaw top 5 ra! ahahaha!)

O di ba, everyone's IN in my list! Seriously, i think every blogger rocks! Those who share their expertise, their talents, their recipes, their family, their lives, that's simply cool. Anyone of these blogggers could have just touch our lives, one way or another.
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4 pink thoughts:

Carlota said...

Salamat kaau I really appreciate it. Hugs.

Ylan said...

carlota - walay sapayan maam! :)

Gwenn said...

daghan kaaung salamat ylan!!!

Ylan said...

gwenn - naks, maau kay nakaukay pa ani nga post hehe.. my pleasure!