Monday, August 13, 2007

Belisi Fashion

Peter Belisi

Topics that can make the ladies focus, what else - fashion and celebrities. Just during dinner earlier, me and my officemates were talking about the latest fashion items that we can buy online. Women couldn't just have enough of shoes, sandals and bags. I know you couldn't agree more.

Belisi from Palm Beach is the newest discovery i found. If you want to be fashionable and get the best deals out of your favorite items, Belise is the answer. What's very interesting is that if you purchase something, regardless of the quantity or amount, a portion of it can be donated to the cause of your choice. You do not only get what you want but you help at the same time.

Belise does not only sell, they also give some fashion tips for you all out there. Should you wish to view some gorgeous photos, click here! And oops, did i mention fashion jewelries and beauty products? Ladies, Belise is your one stop shop.

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