Sunday, June 06, 2010

love sporting country attire

I live in a tropical country. For the most part of the year, we have a very hot humid season. So wearing hunter boots is not a fad around here. But i don't care! I love boots! I love to wear them!

When i was in Michigan some years ago, i so wanted to buy a pair of hunter wellington boots and bring it home. Too bad, it wasn't going to fit in my luggage anymore and i won't be able to use it here. But it's really a lovely pair that i would want to wear them everyday. Told my friends in MI to buy their own pair since they could use it more often than i'll do.

When i went to Hongkong last December of 2008, i think i saw some hunter wellies on sale. I wanted to buy a pair badly. I don't know but i just love sporting boots. I think they're a cool apparel. These particular brand of boots are interesting because they have a variety of style to choose from. Maybe someday, i get to wear this type of footwear whenever i want to.