Friday, July 04, 2008

michelle's getting married today!

Michelle is a former colleague who now resides in Canada. She is one of the few people i look up to. Intelligent, good natured, pretty and very down to earth. Today, July 4, she'll tie the knot to the man of her life. I'm so happy for her! :) With that being said, the pressure i impose on myself is very high! Why? Riza, also a former colleague (now living in Michigan) is about to become a mother. Riza and Michelle are my two "tamdanans" (sort of measuring device) that by the time they get married, i should be getting married by then too. Hmnn i still have a few years to work on it! LOL! :P Geez, help me God! LOL!

To my blogger friends in America, happy 4th of July! May you all have a great time today. :)

3 pink thoughts:

acey said...

happy independence day!

splat said...

sus ang gamayng taw... naminyo na gyud intawn..

Ylan said...

ace - hehe america raman ga independence day ani :P

splat - as in splat!