Thursday, June 12, 2008

shopping online

While not all women may agree that shopping is one of the top things we enjoy doing. I considered shopping as one of the remedies to depression or boredom. Haven't you noticed that everytime after you shop, there's something in your face that glows? And you just can't help but smile especially if you just bought something really nice like dress clothings perhaps?

I normally like to mix and match outfits. If i have a daughter, i sure would have her wear something that's matching in colors. Are you looking for winter gear for girls? Better check out this cute pink hats and skiwear you can buy online. They are really adorable!

Shopping online is fun right? You don't have to wait in queue to pay your items and you don't tire your feet. So, just take the comfort of shopping online. I have godchildren who are girls. I'm looking into giving these pinky set of pajamas and nightgowns. I'm sure they'll love it.

2 pink thoughts:

Lily said...

Hello Ylan,
wishing you a lovely week-end, yap shopping was one of my favorites,especially now that I had our little girl its really fun shopping for them.
tc and enjoy!

Ylan said...

Lily - thanks, ok ra weekend nako, dili boring dili ra pud super lingaw :P bitaw nindot kaau mga bayi sininaan kay daghan cute sinina pang bayi :) ako mga kinugus kasagaran kay bayi mao sinena permi akong ihatag hehe
hope u had a lovely weekend as well...