Monday, June 02, 2008

memory gap?

I can't imagine how stupid i can get! Earlier today, i was ready to go to the office. I'm all set with my umbrella since it was raining and blue set of uniform. I was just waiting for a jeepney. Then it hit me that i was wearing the wrong set of uniform! Monday's uniform is supposedly the pink set. So i immediately ran home and changed clothes. I was contemplating on the way to the office. I can't even recall what made me realize that i was wearing the wrong set. Huh! This can't go on... this is alarming! LOL!

2 pink thoughts:

splat said...

inom na ug glutathione para anti-aging... apili pod ug my marvel taheebo tea..

Ylan said...

splat - dili lang ko anang gluta kay muputi nya ko hehehe! di sab ko lamian ug tea.. murag nakauyun gyud ka sa taheebo dah lol!