Tuesday, March 04, 2008

summer kickoff!

What greater way to celebrate the first day of March than a day at the beach? Cool huh! We spent the first day of the month which falls on a weekend at the beach in Portofino. Portofino is just one of the many beaches here in Lapulapu City. Apparently, it's Mellany's last outing with us :P You sure will find new buddies girl, but perhaps not as beautiful as we are! Ha ha! :P

i camouflage, i belong! :P

grilled pork & fish anyone?

validation dudes :)

validation cutties & the cameraman lol!

one of the cute babies in the beach *kagigil*

the maldita look!

nice portrait eh! :)

sepia pa effect sa cameraman :D

another shot


wahhh mumu sa likod! :D

You'll see more of these photos in my webshots album. Thanks to Christian for the beautiful photos. :)

4 pink thoughts:

yvaine said...

nice ang inyo pics lan...
adto tag alegre nya lan! hehe!

Ylan said...

yvaine - gamit kaau ang SLR na camera sa among laaglaag hehe.. at least mapraktis ilang photography skills, willing man mi magmodel! hehe! nasikat na gani kaau si junor tungud sa iyang niceshot, wala nako napost diri pero tua sa flickr ni Christian... kuyug lang ko nimo sa alegre ha? hehe!

gLoR!e said...

psstt..dayun diay c mellany sa singa? pabilin lang diri cebu lan..ari nalang ta diri manghasi ug lagim..heheh

Ylan said...

Glorie - nope, she's with another company not in Singa though... awon ra nya ni nato Glor! :P