Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sexiest body award

Of all the blog awards that i received, i'm quite doubtful of this one! LOL! :D Why but thanks! ;) Thanks to Francine, the real sexy one for having me as one of the recipients.

I present this award to bloggers in my list whom i already met in person (to date) and i must say, they are sexy inside out - Phoebe, Carlota, Kookie, Amy, LanieG, Glorie and Genalyn.

2 pink thoughts:

mermaidejen said...

Hello Miss Ylan,

How is the smiling face lady, busy as a bee. Thanks for tagging and the sweet words. sorry I just saw this today browsing around your pink place. am not sure if I need to do something he he

Ylan said...

Madame Phoebz - oo busy as a bee, bisay unsa ra kabusyhan, laag ug trabaho ug blog hehe.. deserving gyud kaau ka ani na award oi! :)
u may post this award in ur blog and tag others too :)