Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mothers' day

Yes correct you are reading a post about mothers' day. We're not celebrating that this month, we're not even close to the date yet. However, i stumbled on to this site that tackles anything about mothers' day. MothersDayCentral lets you celebrate mothers' day everyday. A very dear site that offers lots of stuffs and info that surely will make every mother's day a truly special one.

Who started Mother's Day anyway? How and why did it evolve? Knowing its history should be as interesting as celebrating it today. You can even browse through their blog that shares stories, sentiments, tips, anything about mothers.

You still have much time to plan the best mother's day for your moms this year. Need a lift or suggestions on what to do? Do not worry, there are lots of activities that you can do for your moms or things that you can do together or with the whole family. Ahh i can't wait to become a mother myself.

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