Wednesday, January 16, 2008

state of quandary again

Ahhh my head is spinning! I'm in major state of quandary again. I'm all excited, hesitant, afraid and weary. I'm all nervous too! What if i get through? Will i accept it? Would i stay or would i leave? Would it be good or bad? I really don't know. Maybe i'll just cross the bridge when i get there?!? Geeezzzz!

2 pink thoughts:

Chikai said...

congrats gwapa! hehehehe! basta follow your heart and everything will be alright. hehe. ;)

uy naa na pud koy tag nimo. i hope it's okay with you. it's on this link:

Ylan said...

chikai, thanks, pero duda ko, lahi na imong gihunahuna dah hahaha.. its not what your thinking! nyahaha!!!

ok ill check the tag, thanks :)