Friday, November 09, 2007

shopping gift cards

Would you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Time flies so fast that it seems just yesterday when we celebrate the joyous season of gift giving. Of course, more than anything else, Christmas means more than that. It importantly reminds us the spirit of love and care that we should always share to everyone. Then again, don't wait for the Christmas rush, plan ahead the gift items you would want to give to your love ones. Do you have anything in mind already? Why not try gift cards as your Christmas present?

As far as i know, women love perfumes, holiday gift cards to buy perfumes would surely be a sweet idea. I'm sure if you give your girlfriends or wives shopping gift cards to any of the many major stores, they'll be more than happy.

If you'd ask me, i'd like to be treated to a beauty retreat or spa or massage, can somebody give me holiday gift cards for a spa? :) Well, any gift would do actually.

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