Sunday, November 11, 2007

my face was featured!

To avoid being accused of favoritism, i will just not mention the name of the site. :) But i was really overwhelmed when i saw my user ID on the first page of the site. Hehe! Of course, there's really nothing special to it, it's just normal that they feature bloggers everyday. I was just amused when i saw my face, that's all! LOL! :D Although, Carlota has been telling me that she saw my picture many times already but i wanted to see it for myself. Haha!

spot me! :p

2 pink thoughts:

splat said...

ikaw nang naka-glasses??? hek hek hek
sikat naka, ylan...

Ylan said...

splat- boeng! mas bata pa sab ko ana woi! hehe!