Thursday, November 15, 2007

christmas season launching at the office

Tomorrow, they'll gonna launch the christmas season at the office. They'll be showing the previews of the dance numbers from different departments to be presented during the christmas company party come December. The presentation of the Santa Claus and the judging will also be done tomorrow. I won't be able to see it because i'll be on leave. I'll be out of town. I asked Garry to take videos so i could see it later. He promised he would so hopefully i won't be missing a lot.

2 pink thoughts:

Lolli said...

di na jud ma pugngan ang pasko.
enjoy sa imong trip mam.
Ka nindot sa imong header uy inlba man hehhe

arang dugaya na sad nako wala ka bisista dire hehhehe gi tapols akong gitz mam.

Ylan said...

lolli - oist maam! kumusta na ka? glad to see you here again in my blog hehe!