Friday, October 12, 2007

tsk, disgrasya na pud!

I went to SM earlier and met Macelle and Mellany. Initially, my purpose of going to the mall was to buy a wedding gift. Little did i know, i went shopping for another pair of sandals! Wahhh! Pero in fairness, cute sya, blue strappy flat sandals, terno sa akong blue sling blag! (haay ka-aryat gyud!) :D What's worst, i "purchased" a new set of eye glasses... and it cost MUCH! arrgghhh!!!! (buti na lang maybe 30% of it will be covered by my OPD allowance. (si Mellany ug Macelle jud sad-an anih bah!) :P

2 pink thoughts:

murbella said...

maypaka lan naka ilis naka-eye glasses... akong eye glasses kay dugay na kaau tu... upat na guro to ka tuig... hehe!!

Ylan said...

nagduhaduha pa ko gugs hehe kay mahal kaau! waahhh!