Friday, October 12, 2007

if not for delahoya

I was never really a fan of boxing. If not for Oscar dela Hoya, i would never watch any boxing bout ever. Oscar dela Hoya changed my mind! hehe! He's the most good loking boxer i know! He doesn't look like a boxer at all... Basta!

It was one Sunday noon when my father was all focused on the TV watching dela Hoya's bout against this fighter (i forgot the name sounds like weather hehe). I was at home and no choice but watched it as well. I was like, oh my, how could this good looking guy become a boxer?!?! Good thing though, even he didn't win in that fight, he didn't bruise his pretty face :) So there... i sometimes now watch boxing on tv, not because someone else is watching it. But i think dela Hoya is retiring already so I wont be able to see him kick some ass in the ring again. Too late, i should have known him before then i could have watched all his boxing matches. :P

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