Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hey girls! I just found this one great site that i'm sure most of you will love. Grapevine is created by 4 strong women who are professionally brilliant, captivatingly stylish, fiercely independent and role models for the female generation. Wanna peek into their lives?

They have a boutique that features what we all love: the best accessories, handbags, belts, jewelry and gifts. The Grapevine Girls’ personal closets is literally open to us viewers because their entire wardrobe can be viewed and purchased online. All the clothes and accessories which the 4 of them wear will be open to all and will be available to be purchased online.

They also have a blog that will give viewers a chance to also contribute their own travel, food, lifestyle and fashion suggestions, comments, selections and choices as the 4 ladies will also share their own book and movie choices, their recipes, and caring for their parents their kids and their pets. Isn't that a great avenue for exchanging great ideas?

Girls, do visit Grapevine, i'm pretty sure you'll love this place. It's enticingly and basically made for us.

2 pink thoughts:

aCey said...

sige, pa-visit nga. hehe! :)

Ylan said...

acey - charr ra gud nah hehe...