Tuesday, October 23, 2007

dance number

Since i joined Lear over 6 years ago, I have always been active in extra curricular activities. I participate in different committees except for Kaizen/SixSigma because i just hated it. As a result, up until now never have i submitted a proposal for continuous improvement. Anyways, back to the topic, I always join in dance numbers and presentations except during my first christmas party with the company because i'm poor in ballroom dancing. Christmas party is now again to come and of course people are already practicing. I wanted to join but i just feel that it's no longer my time. I feel that i'm way too old for it already. Yak! It's like, ok, its not my generation anymore. And i feel tired already just thinking about the practices. Yaks! i'm really getting old! LOL! But it's nice to reminisce the fun days back then practicing all our previous presentations. :)

2 pink thoughts:

splat said...

ginadili ang paghandom para dili tawgon ug tiguwang... hek hek hek

Ylan said...

splat- asus karelate sab ka noh!? hehe!