Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Makes Me A Good Friend?

This is a tag question from Francine. Hmnnn makahinuktuk ta anih dah! heheh!

Well, I made a twist out of this tag. Instead of me contemplating on the above question. I asked a few friends to answer that question for me. Here are their unedited answers. :)

"ur enthusiasm. ü" - j.g.

"y lipud2x, kung gwapa ko muingon jud ka, kung dili napagaw tahay ka, heheh." - m.r.

"hala lisod lagi tubagon... because dli ka plastic..." - r.b.

"ma prinsipyo?" - m.l.

"approachable and nice to talk with.." - t.n.

its never really difficult to enumerate a lot of nice things about you ..

first, you're a good listener , always there ready to help ... numdum ko atong college pata lan nga you were always there to help me labi na katong naguba akong project sa computer ... maski bc ka ... naa gyud ka time for me ...

very thoughtful sad , you never failed to remember my birthday .. imu pa gali ko buhatan powerpoint ... gi keep pa gali to nako imung notes nako sa college .. promise! naa sa akong album... :-)

and thankful ko nga i have you as my friend ... luv u lan ... mwah :-)"
- n.i.

"u knw wen to listen and wen to say a word...hehehe..ö" - a.s.

"u never 4get to txtback. ahahaha..." - m.y.

"what you see is what you get... no pretenses.. no feigning of emotions...can be trusted... doesn't divulge secrets even if we go into misunderstandings..." - w.v.

"bsan wa nata kitakits, still karemember lang gihapon ka nko, and I know same ra sauna, you're always there for me" - s.p.

"kay i feel me if magkuyug ta, no need pretentions..." - a.o.

How about you? What makes you a good friend? Post your answer/s too! :)

I wonder what could have been the answers if the question was changed to "What Makes Me A Bad Friend?"

THANKS to everyone for answering my question. Most of them are non-bloggers. (napressure siguro ni sila ug tubag ay! :P or gabinuang kay naa man pakapin haha or hehe! :P)

3 pink thoughts:

splat said...

ah okei.. mao diay ni.. naglisod pod kog tubag ganina da...

Ylan said...

ngano galisud man ka splat? kay dili ko good friend? ehehehe!

splat said...

parehas ra ni sa pangutana nga 'how do you see yourself 5 years from now?' hek hek hek