Sunday, September 02, 2007

35 Questions

I got another tag from the mysterious girl Francine. Mysterious because up until now, i have no idea how she looks like! :P Thanks girl! :)

Ok. Here goes the 35 Questions

Where is your cell phone? inside my bag

Relationship? single and available! (nagpadungug nih!)

Your hair? long

Work? secret lang para bibo! heheh!

Your sister/s? oh i have five sisters (puede nami tukud ug beer garden)

Your favorite thing? eating heheh

Your dream last night? it's weird!

Your favorite drink? used to be iced tea, but i had to stop

Your dream car? chariot! (hehe joke lang)

The room you’re in? secret na pud aron bibo! :P

Your shoes? its a strappy flat sandals

Your fears? Heights and worms (prehas ta dai)

What do you want to be in 10 years? A mom (sige maki-ride nalang sab ko nimo dai francine haha!)

Who did you hang out with this weekend? friends glorie and mellany (sum-ol na kaau ni silang duha duh! hek hek)

What are you not good at? Singing and doing my make-up like a pro (sus preha na sab ta dai francine) dili ko mahilig ug make up, usahay feel lang nako pero mao lagi dili magkadimao akong mata, unya makalimot ko ako lugudon akong mata, ang ending mura ko ug abat!

Muffin? sure! especially from Kenny Roger's

One of your wish list items? secret again (bibo na gyud ni kaau!)

Where you grew up? Cebu

Last thing you did? malling sa ayala ug kaon sa don henricos (hoist mellany, gawaldas na pud ta sa atong credit card! waahhh!)

What are you wearing? shorts and a tee

What aren’t you wearing? necklace

Your pet? dont have one pero daghan kaau ayung iring sa amoa! ambot asa na sila gikan...

Your life? indescribable!

Your mood? ok lang pero duka nako

Missing? secret na pud! (hahaha!)

What are you thinking about right now? nah samot nga secret! LOL!

Your car? nah wala gyud bisan ligid lang...

Your kitchen? busluton

Your summer? fun! fun!

Your favorite color? pastel and earth colors

Last time you laughed? today

Last time you cried? i forgot when tu oi

School? University of San Jose Recoletos

Everyone who likes this tag, feel free to post your answers too. :)

4 pink thoughts:

Francine said...

ylan, thanks kaayo for doing the tag.hehehe youre intrigued diay kung si kinsa ko.i placed a pic of mine in the tag the face behind the blog.pareha diay tag fears hehehe.babae jud ta pure dai lolz.daghana sad nimog secret oi

Ylan said...

francine- ur welcome, my pleasure, diay ba, gabutang naka pic? maau akong lilion nya hehe...maau ng daghan secret aron bibo! heheh! :)

ChristineHaze said...

hahahaha daghana secret uy...musta babaye????asa ang atong lakwatsa??

I might grab this looks fun hehehe...

Ylan said...

haze - ok ra hzaze, medyo mingaw akong negosyo ron lol! dah galibug pa ang mga taw asa mulakwatsa, ang ending ani wala...
sige answer pud aron bibo! :)