Wednesday, August 22, 2007

july 14

Did it ever cross your mind to find out who was born on your birth day, what important event happened, or where in the world there’s a holiday? If yes, then this is the perfect meme for you. Thanks Francine for the tag.

What do I need to do? Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.There are five slots in the Birthday Meme. As you are tagged, you have to remove the name in the first slot and bump everyone up so that your name can be added to the bottom.

I was born on July 14 under the zodiac Cancer

Important Events that happened on July 14:
1. 2003 - Mexico declares a state of emergency due to an outbreak of the West Nile virus.
2. 2004 - Same-sex marriage in Canada: A court in Yukon rules that the territory's government must licence marriages between same-sex partners. Yukon becomes the fourth jurisdiction in Canada to perform same-sex marriages, after Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.
3. 2005 - The 7th World Games are being opened in Duisburg/Germany.

I share the same birthday with:
1. Terry Thomas - gap-toothed comic player
2. Matthew Fox - actor, one of my favorites from the series Lost

Celebrated Holiday:
1. Bastille Day - French Independence Day

I'm just tagging anyone who likes to answer this one. :)

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