Wednesday, August 15, 2007

join smorty

Geez! I'm so happy! My blog's finally approved by Smorty, one of the coolest services online that connects advertisers with bloggers. I've been yearning to join and be one of their bloggers. I really like to write. I always like to write what i feel or what i think. It is my passion. It is my way of letting my ideas and mentations fly away. That is the reason why i've been keeping an online journal and blog for quite sometime now. I thought, while i'm on it, blogging my heart out, sharing my views and sentiments to my friends online. I think it is much interesting and rewarding if I blog for money. As we share our thoughts and opinions on our blogs, we earn money. Isn't that fantastic? Smorty lets you do that. You get paid for blogging. You write and get money in return. That is just so great! So what are you waiting for, you should join Smorty too. Their site is so user friendly, neat and very organized. You can even have multiple blogs to earn more. If i were you, i wouldn't waste another minute and start earning now. And when you do, tell your other friends too.

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