Wednesday, August 01, 2007

booking hotels

In every travel we make, where to stay is difinitely always one of the things to consider. I already mentioned before that my dream travel is in Europe. I'm glad that i found the easiest way to book hotels already. Not only easy, i can get special offers and hotel discounts too.

The company i'm currently working with has a facility in Barcelona, Spain. My colleagues who are on assignment right now usually stays in hotel until the duration of their work assignment. If I'll be asked to support Spain projects and be asked to go to Spain, I'll suggest that i stay in Hotel Havana. :)

Okay, say, I'll be going to Spain, i totally will not miss a side trip to Rome. Being a Catholic myself, I would want to see where the Pope lives. Hmmnn i find Hotel Zone very interesting to stay at.

When i was on training in the US last 2004. I wanted to join my officemates when they went to New York but i failed to do so because i went to see another friend in California.

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