Monday, July 23, 2007

nice mornings

How nice is it when you report to work and find some sweets waiting for you to savor? Beautiful morning indeed. :P

Last Monday, i was very happy to see some candies in my desk. How i wish to happen it everyday. Heheh!

thanks a lot to my seatmate Romelyn for the
peanuts, toblerone and macapuno candy fresh from Bacolod :)

Just giving you a hint guys... LOL!

2 pink thoughts:

irel said...

hello gwapz aguroy Toblerone lang akoa maam!hahah biatw nindut bitaw ng naay present ba lol good way to start the day:)take care and enjoy teh rest fo your week mwah!

Ylan said...

irel - maam, naa man tingali daghan toblerone dinha sa inyoha dapit hehe! lagi lingaw basta naa manguli sa ilang probinsya/towns kay naa pasalubong ig balik :)